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As the name promises, our restaurant is a place for all fans of Indian delicacies. Let your taste buds be indulged by freshly prepared dishes that get their unmistakable flavour from the best spices. We cook according to traditional recipes that have existed for thousands of years. We want to invite our guests on a culinary journey through the exquisite diversity of North Indian cuisine.


"Namaste" is a greeting gesture where the palms of the hands are brought together near the heart and the head is slightly bowed. In India, this is a common greeting that loosely translates as "I bow to you". We hope to soon be able to welcome you too to our restaurant in the heart of Mannheim. Select objets d'art, pictures and music will give you an authentic ambience that will make your stay with us a true Indian experience.


India is a very diverse land: more than 15 languages and over 1,600 dialects are spoken in this country, which stretches over roughly 3,000 km from north to south. Each region has its own special characteristics in terms of tradition, culture, lifestyle and cuisine. The Mughlai cuisine, which emerged from the kitchens of the old Indian palaces and which we also offer at our "Indian Palace", is based in subtropical North India. It gives preference to saffron, chilli, milk, yogurt, paneer (a cheese similar to cottage cheese), and ghee (clarified butter). The famous tandoori tradition also comes from Northern India: marinated meat, fish or naan (Indian bread) are baked in the tandoor, a clay oven with charcoal, where they take on their typical, subtle flavour.


All Indian cooking styles have one thing in common though: the spices give the dishes a characteristic aroma and taste as well as excellent digestibility. However, the spices are not some kind of dubious "curry" blend – rather, each dish is freshly prepared with select spices according to traditional recipes. Below, you will find a list of typical spices with their traditional health effects, as embraced in Ayurvedic teaching, for example.

Stimulates the appetite and promotes digestion, helps with acute gastrointestinal disorders
Fenugreek seed
Warming, aids digestion, promotes weight loss, promotes hair growth, effective against a weak liver and a lack of energy
Chilli, red
Anti-inflammatory and supports the immune system, warming
Cooling, sweet, strengthens the liver and spleen, promotes sleep, has a calming effect on the nerves and calms the digestive system
Garam masala
Spice blend of up to 16 individual spices. Almost every family has its own recipe for a blend
The Ayurvedic "universal medicine": warming, prevents the accumulation of toxins and cleanses, promotes appetite and stimulates digestion
Has a balancing effect on all constitutions, promotes digestion, purifies the blood, supports the liver and gallbladder metabolism, good for protein digestion
Aids digestion, balancing for all constitutions
Cooling, analgesic, calming, anti-inflammatory, aids digestion, very good for the skin
Generally calming, cardamom in coffee or tea reduces the effects of caffeine; it stimulates and strengthens the heart and aids memory and nutrient absorption in the gut
Warming, purifies the blood, analgesic
Cooling, antispasmodic
Mustard seeds, black
Warming, very good for digestion
Warming, sweet, stimulates the circulation
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